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OnlyYou allows the use of very strong passwords AND takes the hassle out of password management. Passwords are stored in encrypted format. Our encryptors use only mathematically strong algorithms from the public domain that have undergone intensive cryptographic scrutiny (currently Blowfish)..

When your application requests confidential  information, pressing a hot key brings the data to it. However, before the transfer is made, OnlyYou requires proof of your identity. You provide this by answering simple questions about yourself, chosen at random, from a large pool of potential questions.

This method provides asymmetric confidentiality. Simple facts that you possess require very large efforts to discover or guess. You gain powerful protection against impostors. Your personal knowledge of minor items, requiring no special memorization, is pitted against the attacker's need to know all these items and quickly!

How many intruders, even relatives, will know your dog's favorite toy and your favorite book and where your aunt lives? Yet, you can instantly answer these questions! Only you can prove your identity!

Let OnlyYou create a randomized, difficult password by simply pressing a key. Use this feature whenever the system requests a change of password. Password updates become fast and simple to accomplish.

 To read more about the security concepts in OnlyYou, see the next section!

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